CBSE syllabus for board exams

How to handle the CBSE syllabus for board exams

It is well known that CBSE syllabus is very huge but at the same time very easy to handle.  The CBSE syllabus is in such a way that it focuses on overall development of students. It makes the students to achieve their goals easily by providing intensive knowledge in every subject.

As per estimation, around 80 percentage of students attend their exams without any action plan.  And about 90 percentage of class tenth to class twelve students start preparation at the beginning of academic year but lose their interest while reaching to exams. But nothing is impossible to achieve if Consistency, hard work and collective action plan is well maintained. These are 3 assuming pillars to gain anything in life. Are you worried how to curb the huge syllabus and prepare for board syllabus?

These are few enlisted tips & steps to follow to cover the CBSE syllabus for board exams.

  1. Have a strategy to study & follow it consistently : A house cannot be built without a plan and foundation. So the same way it is necessary to make a plan to strictly & follow it with complete consistently. You need to make long short term goals. And plan should be made in a hurry. The tasks need to be short, clear and achievable.

Here, the most important thing is relaxing in between study intervals. Body needs to be relaxed at  regular intervals. You can use this time by watching some subjective videos (or) solve previous question papers (or) by playing a quiz.

  1. Time management : Management of time is very important in every aspect of life. It helps in working smarter than harder. Smart work enables to get more work done in less time even if pressure is high. So you can divide your syllabus according to what is very important and should be done on priority. And less important thing can be done later. Therefore, start working smarter than harder.
  2. Follow right schedule : In order to cover the huge cbse syllabus, students create a plot that is not achievable. This leads to effecting their health. Right schedule should be prepared and followed without compromising the health. Sleep plays as an important factor which makes mind and body relaxed, refreshing and calm. So, have adequate sleep everyday and be ready for next day preparation.
  3. Make use of mock papers : Mock papers help in knowing the exam structure, number of sections, multiple choice questions and also marks allotted to them. The vast CBSE syllabus can be achieved through a lot of hard work. Practise the previous year papers and also analyze the time with stopwatch. This enables to bring in confidence in students.
  4. Maintain short hand notes : Short hand notes are very beneficial especially at the peak of exams to prepare fastly. It helps in retaining information even much more. While reading a chapter start highlighting important portions, formulae and write down them in your notes. If you read something then you forget it in sometime but if you WRITE it down then it gets stored in your mind. Teacher’s also advice to maintain notes while they teach in class. So, start making easy short hand notes for yourself.
  1. Self-review : Until you examine yourself about how much have you learnt, you won’t get confidence. So, review process enables you to know your plan is successful or not. Start writing mock papers and evaluate by yourself. Note down your mistakes and try not to repeat them. A well known proverb ‘Practise makes a man perfect’ is absolutely true. Practise until you master over a chapter or something that is hard for you.

Do follow the above tips because it helps every student in covering the CBSE syllabus easily and also excel in exams.