Principal Message

The greatness of an educator lies in leading the students out to new places where even the educator has never been.

A child who enters the premises of Johnson Grammar School [CBSE] escorted by the parent should leave the school confidence personified.  Here the schooling is not meant for issuing the certificates.  Here schooling will make the individual self analyzing and soul searching.  The school believes in moulding the values and skills of the child rather than memorizing the facts and principles.  In the classroom child is given more significance than the subject matter that is taught.  Teacher acts as a facilitator in the classroom to allow the child to explore and discover.  We trust that the life skills that the students glean over the years here will indeed make a life determining difference.  When we expect them to march forward to go beyond the best, it’s not a mere dream but it’s an unrelenting effort we put in to strengthen their feet.  We aim at making our students global citizens with will and wisdom.

 We simply believe….

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”.